Each of us has faced the problem of choice. The choice of a hair stylist to do your hair, a crew of affordable and responsible workers to renovate your flat, a printing office to print your order or a travel agent to book your holiday trip. We ask our relatives, friend and acquaintances for recommendations and analyse their experience. In other words, we use the most effective and reliable means of promotion – word-of-mouth, whose main disadvantage is low coverage of the target audience.

What happens if you have failed to find any recommendation and have to be an early or even the first adopter of some service instead of following the trodden path? Then you are likely to find higher monthly interest payments mentioned in small print on your credit agreement only after you have signed it, or to see the wallpaper coming off the wall  and to hear the squeaking of the laminated floor in your flat a month after its renovation has been completed. Otherwise, you are sure to have faced the supple manners of some managers before you place an order, which turn into complete indifference upon release. (If you are lucky enough not to buy defective goods, which you will have to replace, and put up with delays getting on your nerves.) On the whole, the chance of choosing a responsible subcontractor on the first try is equal to the chance of hitting the jackpot.

These are the circumstances which inspired us to establish this Association. We faced the problem: how to minimize the risk of the first call to a subcontractor in the sphere of trade and services. We asked ourselves: why don’t we use the World Wide Web? If someone has already tried a product or a service, he/ she can say whether he/ she liked it or not. What if we collect all favourable recommendations and set up a sort of a complex system? It could work, although it has an important weakness: there is a black sheep in every flock. Imagine that you visit a recommended hair and beauty salon and have a different hair stylist to cut your hair, or another manager at the recommended travel agency makes a reservation for your holiday. In this case you are not assured against any unpleasant experience. Consequently, it is certain people that can guarantee the best quality of service and your good vibes. So, these people should be identified and differentiated from others. But how can we do it? Just have a list on our website? Why don’t we form a sort of a union, a community? That is how we came to the idea of establishing the International Association of the Best People which can unite conscientious professionals, responsible subcontractors, courteous personnel and just men if credit. We decided to group them according to their occupation and thus minimize the risk of an early adoption.

You may ask us how this plan can be put into effect. We have found a solution to this problem. If you  know a number of trustworthy people working in different spheres, you may send them an invitation to become the members of the Association and refer them to our website, on which the advantages of membership are described in detail. These people, in their turn, have their own preferences in various spheres. We are not going to recreate the wheel here and just apply the good old rule of references for the Association members. So, on our website you will find an application form to fill in and sign with the name of member who can give you reference. We anticipate your question: how can one be sure that a person deserves being a member and is really trustworthy? What are the criteria of trustworthiness and how do we understand the term ‘a man of credit’?

If you are honest with your clients and do not cheat your suppliers, if you do not put yourself out taking your litter to the litterbin, if you feel disgust seeing somebody spitting on the pavement, if you are ready to give your bus seat to a woman or an old man, if you are ready to give way to a car turning from a secondary highway, if you do not drive along the road side splashing the dirty water from the puddles on the cars moving slowly down the road in a traffic jam, then are in the same boat with you. Welcome on board! You can set the criteria yourself, but it is the attitude of the wider public to you that is important. If you are invited to the association, it is up to you to accept this invitation or not. But every member should know that if there are two authentic pieces of evidence against him/ her (contract breach or video record), he/she would be transferred to an alternative list of ‘Former Association Members’ on our website. Such a prospect could prevent a ‘wolf in a lamb’s skin’ from joining our Association. At the same time this rule can only discipline and motivate really trustworthy people. Moreover, a Member that has recommended this former member is also given notice and after two notices he/ she loses the right to give references to the new associate members.

It is widely known that the Queen of Britain awards the most respected people with the title of ‘knight’ and these people are further referred to as ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ (excluding those who are not British subjects). Don’t you think that the title of a knight imposes certain responsibilities on a person? Or you can take another example, the reward to the best gentleman of the NHL given annually – ‘Lady Byng Memorial Trophy’. In fact, there are many other examples of awarding the outstanding personalities in the world of science and culture. Anyway, we would like to ask how often do we have an opportunity to communicate with these laureates? Probably, not a single time in our life. At the same time, we are sure that in our everyday life we meet a lot of trustworthy people who deserve having a slight advantage over the other entrepreneurs, bank clerks, sales managers or renovation workers.

The aim of our Association is to help you with choosing a reliable supplier, a responsible manager, an honest real estate broker or just a trustworthy man for personal relationships. Moreover, we are sure that the title of a trustworthy person’ motivates positive behavior and prevents negative actions.

There are no registration or membership fees in our Association. We did that on purpose to avoid corruption when receiving the status of a Member. It is up to you to choose.

On this website you can find an Invitation form for new Association members. Anyone older than 18 years of age can become a Member independently of their sphere of occupation, country of residence, religion or race.

We would like to emphasize that we do not have the aim to involve all our positively characterised friends and acquaintances in the Association. We would rather pay special attention to the quality of our community, not the number of its members.