These are the words we would like to welcome the prospective members of our Association. It is an open secret that people spend much time on the Internet networking online. There is a variety of new communities and discussion groups:  professional communities, fans of particular automobile brands or cooking lovers just to name a few. Though, in our opinion, all these communities have one common disadvantage. Anyone can join them. And then you find out that they do not belong here. You’d feel much more comfortable communicating with people, whose reputation you do not doubt, wouldn’t you? Not that we are not speaking about those posh clubs with snooty snobs as members. We are speaking about polite and trustworthy people whom you can surely find in plenty in any community, house, town or country.




Why do you need this website?

You can use this website to:

Join the Association

Raise your social status, trust and responsibility level

Choose a subcontractor

And thus minimize the risk of delay or defect

Check your partner, client or subcontractor

Make sure it’s integrity and professionalism

Build a team

Invite reputable professionals to their work

Become a candidate member of the Association

Even if you are not acquainted with any Full Members


Why do you need this Association?

Features Association:

  • We are a unique Association which know no equals
  • We work on a non-commercial basis
  • We have no registration or membership fees
  • We cover all countries and continents
  • We involve all spheres: from consumer services to industrial production
  • We offer free access to the data base and easy category search